Botswana Tourism

Your Guide To A Better Understanding Of Tourism in Botswana

Im sure you have heard some wonderful things about Botswana Tourism. Here i share with you some interesting and unique facts about tourism in Botswana.

You'll also discover several insider secrets that will help you plan a better safari.

So what really makes tourism in Botswana so special?

Unlike other tourism destinations that focus on driving tourists in large volumes, Botswana tourism is geared at attracting tourists in smaller numbers .

Sounds ironic doesn't it?..., but let me explain...

This is done for two reasons..

  1. To preserve the environment

  2. To pamper and spoil those very lucky tourists that end up in Botswana for a Safari...

How does this Botswana tourism policy benefit you?

It means having the pleasure to enjoy your Botswana holidays in the absence of crowds.

Another benefit is that since about 17% of Botswana land is reserved exclusively for conservation and tourism purposes, it means you get to enjoy one of the few places on earth that have remained "unspoiled by civilization" and therefore offer a true (and very rare) African wilderness experience.

Some may argue that safaris in Botswana are pricey as compared to other safari destinations like Kenya for instance...

I disagree, since it all depends on how you plan your safari and how you plan to travel to Botswana...

For example, a luxury safari in one of the 5 star camps in the heart of the Okavango Delta is not going to come cheap. However, you still have the option for choosing a much cheaper lodge or camp.

And if you are the uber adventurous type and on a budget, the budget mobile camping safari (aka backpackers safari) will meet your needs.

Best Time to Visit / Travel to Botswana

One thing to keep in mind when booking is that , different seasons also offer relatively different safari opportunities.

Contrary to popular belief, winters are not the best time to visit Botswana. It all depends on your interests and what you want to want to see and experience.

Botswana climate

The winter months are from May to early September and

Summer starts around October till April

A winter safari may have many benefits , including better game viewing opportunities , however it also has a few disadvantages such as..

  • Higher Prices - Lodges, camping and Safaris tend to be a bit pricier during the winter season
  • Crowds - Since it is the peak safari season in Botswana, the top tourists destinations usually attract a lot more visitors than during the summer months. So if you are a loner and don't want to be around many tourists then a summer safari is your best bet.

On the other hand summers are great for photographic,birding and environmental safaris.This is because all the rain brings back life in Botswana.

The vegetation is green, flowers blossom and attract many insects which attract birds. The summer rains also attract migratory birds.

Booking and making reservations

You can book direct with most of the hotels ,safari lodges and camps in Botswana, however if you want a more flexible safari that combines several destinations i would recommend you use a travel agent.


....because you then don't have to worry about making many different bookings, which may include hotels, lodges, car rentals, flights and safari tours.

You also have an option of getting a full itinerary before confirming any bookings.

This way you can compare the prices the agents are offering with the choice of making all the bookings yourself.

Another benefit of using travel agents , especially those that specialize in African or Botswana travel / Botswana tourism is that they are more likely to be knowledgeable about the best lodges and camps as well as well the top attractions in Botswana they will most likely only recommend the best for you.

However it is always wise to do your own research too and this is why this website is here, :-). That is, to help you get a better understanding of what Botswana has to offer, so that when you finally make your bookings , you can tell whether or not your travel agent is offering you the best of the best.

Are Online Safari Reservations Safe?

Making online reservations is safe ,but I would recommend working with a trusted and proven travel agent that has experience with Botswana Travel as well as all the different Botswana tourism destinations...

Some agents will only provide you with available safari itineraries, however a really good agent will allow you to plan your own custom safari.

After which they can then build up on to make it even better until you are totally satisfied with what they have to offer.

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