Letaka Safaris: A mobile safari operator based in Botswana

" At Last...A Safari Tour Operator Who is Reputable, Extremely Knowledgeable About Botswana and Offers Itineraries Proven to Give You That Once in a Lifetime African Safari Experience You've Always Wished For "

If you are planning a safari to Botswana and have no idea where to start, then Letaka safaris might just be the perfect safari company for you...

Here's why:

1. Letaka has Plenty of Bush Experience -- You'll Be Safe on Your Safari

The founding directors - Brent and Grant Reed - who are brothers, have been safari guides since the 90's...and together have more than 34 years experience in safari guiding.

Very few safari companies can match this kind of experience.They've had more than three decade's to discover the ideal mobile safari routes as well as the best private campsites.

All this significantly increases your chances of having a memorable and safe Botswana safari holiday.

2. You can Trust These Guys -- Your Money is Safe With Them

They aren't some bogus online agency based outside Botswana. NO.
Letaka safaris is locally owned and they are based in Maun which is considered the "tourism capital" of Botswana.

The company is stable and reliable...and definitely not a fly by night company.

Infact Letaka has been in operation since the year 2000. That's more than 10 years experience you can rely on.

3. Letaka Safaris Offers 7 different and Proven itineraries You Can Choose From

Keep in mind that the most challenging part of planning a successful safari is coming up with an Itinerary.

However, if you decide to go on safari with Letaka, coming up with the perfect itinerary is one less thing you need to worry about because they already have proven itineraries prepared for you.

In fact you have a total of seven itineraries to choose from...making it easier to find an itinerary which suits your needs.

4. Letaka Safaris Can Also Help You Plan Your Own Custom Custom Itinerary

If you already have an itinerary in mind then letaka will help you perfect your custom itinerary.

They will hold you by the handle,...as well as pay attention to your desires and interests. With their help, you'll have your own custom itinerary in no time.

If you would like to personally contact Letaka Safaris and let them help you plan a memorable safari -- one that you'll always cherish and never forget -- then click the link below send them your message.

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