How To Save  Hundreds of Dollars on Your Next Botswana Safari Tour

You can easily save between 10% - 30% on your safari by simply going on safari during the low season, which is also know as the green season in Botswana (that is, between November and March)....

But what if you  don't have plans to visit Botswana during these months? ...

If you're looking for massive savings on your next safari matter what time of the year you plan on visiting....then you are going to love the Botswana Safari deals club....

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The Safari deals deals club will give you access to travel deals that will save you hundreds of dollars on your next safari...and... If you are booking a safari tour for more than one person, then your savings could easily be in the thousands of dollars.

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You get immediate access to websites that offer unbelievable discounts on safari tours from the best-of-the-best luxury tour operators....

...operators like Wilderness safaris, Kwando, Ker and Downey, Desert and Delta, AndBeyond....and Sanctuary retreats.

Here's a small sample of the deals you're going to get access to from these top luxury safari operators when you join.

  • 30% off sanctuary retreat safari lodges and camps (all these deals include meals, laundry services, airstrip transfers and game drives)
  • 20% off Kwando's famous "5 Rivers Safari tour"
  • 15% of Ker and Downeys 6 night and Four night safaris..
  • 20% of Desert and Delta's Rhino safaris
  • 15% of Desert and Delta's 9 day Honey moon safari (includes charter flights and transfers)
  • 15% of Andbeyonds  7 night 'Fly me Around' safari ..where you get complimentary flights between their camps ........(this offer includes ... accommodation at any combination of &Beyond lodges in Botswana, three meals daily, soft drinks, house wines, local brand spirits and beers, teas and coffees, refreshments on game drives, laundry, safari activities, emergency medical evacuation insurance, VAT, road transfers to and from the lodge airstrip)
  • 40% off Wilderness safari's new Mombo trails camp
  • 20% off little Mombo ...another Wilderness safari  camp
  • Steep (almost unbelievable) discounts on accommodation, all meals and safari activities at  Chobe Marina lodge, Tuli Safari lodge, Chobe safari lodge, Deception Valley lodge and Elephant valley lodge.

If you join the club today, you'll also get many other tips on how to save hundreds on your safari....including tips like...

  • Where and how to get 20% discount on Air Botswana air tickets.
  • Where and how to get 20% discount on Kenya Airways air tickets.
  • How to 20% off accommodation at the Chobe Safari lodge in Kasane.
  • How to get 20% off accommodation at Nata lodge.
  • How to get 15% off Avis car rentals in Botswana.
  • How you can get up to 50% discounts on some of the leading hotels in Botswana.
  • Which knowledgeable local tour operator (based in Maun) to use to get safaris tours for less than $200 a day..

And much, much more....

Here are more reasons why you should consider joining the Botswana Safari Deals Club?...

  1. You get lifetime access to dozens of deals from leading travel agents and safari tour operators that will save you lots of you can keep using these deals every-time you decide to return for a safari in Botswana.
  2. The deals aren't from fly-by-night tour operators. No. These are discounted safari tours from the best tour operators in Botswana.
    In-fact, these are the same tour operators you were  most likely going use at full price if you had not heard about the the deals why not use the hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars you save to spend more days on safari :)
  3. Most  of these tour operators support local charities and communities through their social responsibility programs. Its good to know that a portion of your hard earned money will be used to make a huge impact in someones life in Botswana.
  4. The deals club will keep getting better and better...because I'm going to keep adding  more deals you'll  get to enjoy all these savings not only now when you join...but also in future whenever you decide to return for another once-in-a-lifetime safari in Botswana.
  5. You don't have to ever pay again if you join today.
  6. The insider club is an online membership, so you can access it immediately after you join. And after you can access all these deals anywhere, anytime on your laptop, smart phone or ipad.
  7. The Insider deals club pays for itself many times over..even when you're on safari by yourself.
  8. Joining fee is only $27!

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