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The Quick-start Guide To Planning a Successful Safari to Botswana

The Botswana "Quick start Travel Guide", is a digital guide which reveals the must know (absolutely essential) information you need to know to plan a successful safari to Botswana.

Here's a small sample of the information you'll discover in the guide:

  • Where to find unbiased reviews and travel tips from the top safari and travel experts
  • The best time to visit, ...which pretty much guarantees plenty of Game sightings
  • Whether or not you need a Visa to enter Botswana (depends on which country you're from)
  • What to pack for your safari
  • Important number you'll need in case of an emergency while in Botswana
  • How (and where) to find reliable travel agents, tour operators well as safari lodges and campsites
  • What you need to know to avoid getting malaria when you visit
  • ....and so much more!

This is just  a small sample of the tips you'll discover in the Insider Quick-start Guide when it launches.

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PS: The guide will be very affordable and you'll be able to purchase it over the internet.

PPS: The Botswana Quick-strart Travel Guide will be available in ebook format, so you'll be able to  download it (to your computer, ipad or smart phone), and read it immediately after you get it.