Khama Rhino Sanctuary - A Gift to Botswana Tourism

khama rhino sanctuary entrance

The idea of the Khama Rhino Sanctuary was "born" in 1989 and its main aim was to reintroduce the white rhino to Botswana.

The sanctuary was officially opened in 1993 and the first rhinos (4 to be exact) were relocated into the sanctuary during February 1993.

The sanctuary is a conservation success story. By 2006 there were 32 white rhino in the sanctuary, as well as 2 black rhino. The Khama Rhino Sanctuary is also home to 230 bird species and a large number animals including:

  • eland
  • kudu
  • zebra
  • brown hyena
  • porcupine
  • giraffe
  • springbok
  • gemsbok
  • red hartebeest
  • blue wildebeest
  • impala

and many more...

My Self Drive Safari...

I visited the sanctuary in May 2009. They offer 6 types of safaris...

  1. Nature walks
  2. Game drives (night and day drives offered)
  3. Guided drives (this is where you use your own car and hire one of their skilled guides)
  4. Self-drive safaris
  5. Rhino Tracking
  6. Giraffe Tracking

I opted for the self-drive safari...

Payments are made at reception where you will also find the curio shop and can hire binoculars!...

Maps are available for sale at reception. The sanctuary map will definitely help you find your way around if you are using your own vehicle. There are also signs within the sanctuary that will help you with directions.

The maps also indicate where to spot specific animals and they are very accurate.

I remember i spotted a mother rhino and her baby in the Malema's pan area, just like the map had indicated.

khama rhino sanctuary - serowe tourism botswana tourism - rhino sanctuary

What i loved most about my self drive safari was the opportunity to take close range pictures. Most of the animals are not shy so you can drive really close and take as many pictures as you want, :-)...

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The Bird Hide

If you are a birding enthusiasts then be sure to check out the bird hide. It is a traditional reed and thatch hide that overlooks one of the small pans where water is retained all year round. It is ideal for viewing the many birds found in the sanctuary...

bird hide khama rhino sanctuary my safari in botswana birds bird hide pan pan khama rhino safari

Other facilities at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary...

There are 13 campsites and about 10 chalets available if you want to spend the night.

All the campsites include ablution blocks, shade, hot showers, braii/barbecue facilities and fireplaces...

The chalets have toilets and hot showers en suite...

There is also a restaurant that serves great traditional food.

(below: the restaurant at the sanctuary)


The Environmental Education Center

This facility was built with the aim of enabling local school children to learn about the environment and the importance of protecting it.

However any group of people are welcome to take the educational tours provided by the Environmental Education Center.

To accommodate any interested schools and groups the facility has two 24 bed student dormitories as well as additional rooms with en suite facilities for teachers.

How To Get to The Sanctuary

The Khama Rhino Sanctuary is on the main tarred road between Serowe and Orapa about 25km from Serowe and 5km from the village of Paje.

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