Mma Ramotswe

The "Traditionally Built" owner of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency...

mma ramotswe - No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Mma Ramotswe is the fictional character in Alexander McCall Smith's No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency book series.

Her full name is Precious Ramotswe. She is the owner of the first female-owned detective agency in Botswana. With the help of her Secretary Grace, they solve an array of cases and mysteries including...

- Child kidnapping
- Organized crime
- infidelity

.............and many others that affect people on a daily basis.

As a child growing up, Precious dad always encouraged her to live her dream. And with the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency , she is living her life dream of helping the locals, Batswana....solve their problems and live happier lives.

In the series she plays the role as a Motswana and me being a Motswana can certainly admit that her personalty is parallel to that of the Botswana people. Her warm, polite, humble and patient character is a part of Batswana.

(in the movie and series the lead role of Precious is played by Jill Scott, the international singer/actor and the role of Grace is played by Anika Noni Rose from the "Dream Girls" movie.)

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